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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Don’t you love seeing the Good Guys get promoted? Of course you do! And we have news of two of the best and their new titles. Over at the Peacock web, specifically The NBC Agency, comes word that JOHN MILLER, who elegantly heads up that creative force, has upped FRANK RADICE (on the right) and JIM VESCERA (on the left). Frank, a native of Washington DC, is staying on the East Coast and his new title is East Coast Executive Vice President and his focus will be NBC News, MSNBC, as well as new media and digital ops. Over on the left coast, Jim’s new title is Executive Vice President of on-air advertising and he’ll keep his office in beautiful near-downtown Burbank. He’ll be doing all that great creative on-air work as well as doing 2008 Summer Olympic work and Peacock branding. (Shhh, keep that quiet. PETA might think something foul is going on.) At one time, Jim was at WJAR in Providence. And listen to this: Frank is a songwriter-composer. He’s the co-creator of TODAY’s “American’s First Family” theme song. You two guys….Well Dunne!

Sharing videos and seeing the world through different eyes is the goal of DailyMotion, who is opening a US version of their European company. They’re welcomed JOHN SCHULTZ as Creative Director. He comes to his new position from fuse. Tres bon!

Got six minutes for a REAL course in TV commercials? Yep, I’d consider it required viewing. Click here.

Read about place-based networks and how TV is using them – click here.

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