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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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What’s a San Diego ocean kind of guy doing in Vegas? He’s being an Art Director. LEE MINARD, who heads up the creative efforts at KLAS, has brought JARED KLEIN aboard the CBS affil. It’s the first time Jared has ventured from the San Diego area, job-wise. He comes to the Landmark station from SoCal’s KUSI-TV where he was working for DOUG FREEDMAN. Mr. Klein is a computer fan as well, building websites and the like. Now, what interesting hobby does Jared do that nobody, but us, knows about? Archery. He learned when he was little…his dad was a bow and arrow man. Jared only targets targets. He’s enjoying his new job and it even rained the first day he was in LV…which is very different from San D’s weather. Well Dunne! Jared!

BO BRADSHAW will join GREAT!, the Atlanta-based promotion agency, as Marketing Director for its Nashville office. Bo will be the GREAT! liaison for all CMT Radio Network radio affiliate promotions. His previous experience includes more than 20 years in the broadcast bus

Just where is the ad world headed? According to the NYTimes, it’s going to be all digital and very personalized. Read here

While on the other hand, digital media has had the OPPOSITE impact on time spent using media. What a conundrum. Read about it here

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