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Thursday, August 9, 2007

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This is exciting news…CHRIS CARLISLE has made the switch to films. Starting August 20, he’ll be the President of Domestic Theatrical Marketing at New Line Cinema, taking all the talent and skills he used at FOX and FX to the big screen. Wahoo! In TinsleTown, the smaller screen of TV doesn’t always get the appreciation it should and making the transition to marketing film from TV isn’t a snap. But I digress. This is great and huge. He’ll have a big job, with some of his tasks being advertising, media buying & planning, national promotions, publicity, corporate communications, research and the new interactive world. He even gets to work with TOBY EMMERICH, the producer who is also President of Production at New Line. Well Dunne!

Here’s a deal you don’t want to miss. You can learn ALL about advertising and how to make it and not spend a fortune or a lifetime. PLUS get paid while you do. It’s an offer being made by MARK HAGERTY out at FOX in Phoenix. He’s been on the lookout for two kick-it preditors and, as is the case across the board, is having a hard time finding just the right fit. He’s looking for someone who’s a fab writer, and if they shoot and edit, all the better. He can help by showing you all he knows, and it’s an awesome amount of info on advertising He’s also on the hunt for a preditor. They work on the Avid Adrenaline. Interested? Get hold of Mark. Phoenix is totally cool even if it’s hot.

Speaking of hot, here’s a way to cool off, and most of us need to do that with the temps in the triple digits. Oy! Today is DQ Miracle Day…so go get a Blizzard (mmmm, a Blizzard…) and the proceeds go to the Children’s Miracle Network. 100% of the cost, btw, which is very generous. Get thee to DQ…now!

NEWS BROADCAST NETWORK, those impressive folks who handle broadcast for the PR types, is going high tech with a new division called New Media. A content sharing website with all kinds of bells and whistles for the public and journalists. Good stuff happening. You can check out their website by clicking here.

Think about this: “Reflect upon your present blessings – of which every man has many – no on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” ~ Charles Dickens:

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