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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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WOW…new Promo person alert. And this is the coolest guy…he’s acted, done standup, improv, produced films and now he’s being the Good Dad and Perfect Hubby, all while entering the world of TV marketing. Whew. Drum roll please…meet CHUCK LEMON, who isn’t one. (He’s the tall redheaded guy on the right) Named the new Promotion Manager at Sinclair’s NBC affil WTWC in Tallahassee, Fl, Chuck is transitioning from South Florida (Boca baby) to the capital of the Sunshine State. Yep, home to Florida State as well, which is where Mr. Chuck met his wife. She plays a role in this scenario and is the reason they are back in town. She’s a college professor – teaches history and uses a sense of humor to do it. Sign me up now. The whole sense of humor thing is big with the Lemons and it seems that TV is getting to be more fun down there, thanks to that. He considers himself the original redheaded stepson, since his mother was married 5x and his dad several as well. Ha! Good one. Now, he’s happy to be doing TV and going home to his daughter Zoe and his son Zack. Well Dunne! Chuck. I’ll be looking forward to keeping up with you. Oh, yeah. That’s not really Chuck in the picture there. It’s Conan. But they look a lot alike and they’re both funny and I didn’t get Chuck’s pix in time to post. I’m sure Conan won’t mind…

The folks at Worldwide Biggies has a new senior management team that’s happening. SCOTT WEBB is now Chief Creative Officer (no word if he’ll be in charge of the web work they do…Webb…get it? Nevermind keep reading), BLAINE GRABOYES is now Media Architect and that deals with software and games, CHRISTOPHER ROERO is Chief Technology Officer and KARI KIM is the VOP of Production and Development. Well Dunne to one and all. Big Apple stuff kids.

The CBS Television Distribution folks have bumped LISA SUMMERS HAAS to VP/Communications, and she gets to focus Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. But the coolest thing is she gets to organize the Entertainment Tonight/People magazine Emmy Awards after party. I am SO gonna want to go to that. Oh, Lisa….

CHARLES HIRSCHHORN has done some exciting things in his career, like produce one of my very favorite movies ever, Bull Durham. Well, he’s now with Retirement Living TV as Chief Creative Officer. That means the buck stops creatively with him regarding programming, production and marketing. Yep, Retirement Living is targeting thee 55+ crowd. You know – the folks with money who are being ignored by media buyers.

Anybody here a fan of PEREZ HILTON? Reading his blog is one of my guilty pleasures – girlfriend is a hoot! Kudos to ABC for their slick and wonderful ads, which appear to be Perez stories but are, indeed, adverts for their new series DIRTY SEXY MONEY. VERY cool! A+ and a super Well Dunne! to the idea person behind it all.

Shout out to SUSAN LAWRASON MORRIS, who is celebrating a birthday today! Enjoy every day kiddo. And eat dessert first…life is too short.

“Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned for evidence of God’s will working on your behalf. Especially in a moment of indecision, when someone unexpectedly or unknowingly pierces your consciousness with a bit of advice that rings true, recognize that God is speaking by proxy. If you are discerning, miracles can happen.” ~ Albert Clayton Gaulden

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