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Monday, August 20, 2007

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It’s Early…JOE EARLY that is. He’s the PR exec who has just been tapped to take over the marketing department at FOX Broadcasting. He’s taking the place of CHRIS CARLISLE…told you about him last week – Chris has gone to New Line. Joe’s new biz cards will read Executive VP of Marketing and Communications, which means they blended the two departments for his leadership. Yep, the FOX in-house agency Infinity, will be reporting to him, too. Joe’s background in the biz includes media relations at HBO and being a development guy for Gale Anne Hurd and her features. Very Well Dunne! Joe.

JEFF ZELLMER is trading the land of banks for the land of Coca Cola. He’s the new writer producer at FOX’s WAGA in Atlanta, making the switch from WCCB, Bahakel’s FOX affiliate in the Queen City, Charlotte, NC. Jeff will be calling KATHIE SOIFER boss. Looking forward to finding out more about him once he settles in to Hotlanta. And it is definitely hot right now.

The Insider and Entertainment Tonight have promoted LISA SUMMERS. Her new title is VP of Communications for the shows, up from Director. Well Dunne!

Where are you if you deliver yourself to zip code 10022-SHOE? The amazingly overwhelming new Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department in NYC. Yes, it has it’s own zip code. Clever. Now, how many of you can pull off something like that in your market? Any of you a zip code + NEWS? Or a zip code + WTHR or even a zip code and then your channel calls? Snail mail is still used, and this idea is pretty cool.

Think about this: “Look at your feet. If you do not like where you are standing, MOVE! ~ Ron Rathbun

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