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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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Breaking format for a reason. August 29 is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. To say lives were lost…destroyed…changed forever is an understatement that can’t be approached. Two years ago, America lost treasure after treasure. Each human that perished was one-of-a-kind, leaving behind the grief that death demands of survivors. Life memories were gone in an instant – pictures of loved ones lost now lost themselves. As you sit and look around your office, you home, your life, take a moment today to imagine what you would experience if it were all washed away.

The demands made on everyone in NOLA were extraordinary. Even more so on the people involved in public service and television. JOE SCHILTZ of WDSU was kind enough to send along his take on life along the Gulf. Thanks so much for the time and effort Mr. S.

New Orleans two years later – We Want You

Murders, corruption, fraud, crooked contractors, slow recovery, government waste, environmental ignorance, and a healthcare system in crisis. Words or phrases constantly used to describe New Orleans in the national media. So, is it as bad as it seems? Yes and no. It depends entirely where you live and if you are a resident trying to rebuild.

Katrina, for the majority of the population, was a very bad storm they would like to forget after they paid for a new roof and higher insurance rates. They still go to dinner and a movie, they’re kids soccer games, have drinks at a favorite watering hole and attend church on Sunday.

That is not to say that there are many thousands struggling to recover, living in FEMA trailers or getting shafted by a system riddled with problems. The region has many growing and recovery pains to overcome. However, it is not the hell on earth the headlines make it out to be.

What the city does have to offer are opportunities that you won’t get anywhere else. There is a strong entrepreneurial sprit developing here. Young people are moving in and taking chances on new businesses. They are taking jobs that would normally require more experience elsewhere. They are discovering that life and work are not a placid, tidy 9 to 5 existence but an adventure for the hardy and the hardworking. In essence if you want a job in New Orleans – No wimps need apply.

“Refine your senses a little more each day; stretch them…your awareness will pierce deeply into your body and into the world.” ~ Dan Millman

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