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September 12, 2007

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Yet another sad announcement. This is care of San Francisco-based CHUCK HARRELL at KTVU, who worked in the Raleigh-Durham market:

Our friend and favorite freelance videographer, MARK COPELAND, was killed today in a helicopter crash in Sarasota , FL. They were doing a video shoot for some power boat thing, and the helicopter crashed unexpectedly. It just flipped over, from what I have heard. But Mark and one other person in the chopper died, the pilot lived (but he’s critical). Mark did a lot of work for us, from our Emmy nominated “Black History Month” shoot to one of the Tree of Lights celebrations and a Health and Fitness Festival. He was a super guy, I worked with him at WRAL before he left to go freelance and then we did a lot of stuff with him at NBC 17. It seemed like Mark was always coming by, but really, he only did 5 or 6 projects at the most with us. They were just big projects, and I think his input and knowledge made our shoots what they were. The BHM promos came out great, and a lot of that was in the editing, but without great footage to work with, you have nothing to edit.

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