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September 13, 2007

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From Promotion to General Manager to EVP for a whole group – that’s the story behind PHYLLIS SCHWARTZ. She will be the EVP of News Promotion and Original Content for the NBC Universal TV Stations. And better yet, she gets to stay in San Diego, where she’s been the GM at KNSD. Yes, she has an impressive background doing promotion and marketing. Excellent Well Dunne!

Also at the NBC Station group, STEVE SCHWAID has a new position. SVP of Strategic Growth Initiatives. Lots of good news.

Down in soggy Texas, fab Austin to be exact, there’s a new Marketing Director at LIN’s NBC affil, KXAN. TISH SALIANI, who was the #2 there and holding down the fort while they were looking, is now the full-blown Marketing Director. Well Dunne! and the best to you, Tish. Thanks to former Marketing head RONNE ROCK, who checks in from her new Dallas job at Buckner International. She loves it there and is even getting ready to head out to Russia on business!

TODD STANLEY is the new SVP of Marketing at Digitas, which labels itself the global interactive marketing and digital agency. Happening in NYC.

Two announcements at ReelzChannel. JORADAN BECK is the new VP of On-Air Promotion and DOUG CHALFANT is the new Director of Creative Marketing Solutions. Well Dunne!

The President surely must have taken NBC’s “Must See TV” positioning line to heart. He’s going to grab yet another Thursday night slot. If you go back and check, he’s chosen Thursday nights for his TV addresses about five times now. And usually in a ratings period…. I’m just sayin’.

Apple problems. Won’t have any pictures for a day or so. Cross those fingers it will be shorter than they said, and I won’t go nuts waiting….

Think about this: “The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” ~ Mark Twain

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