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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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With the first stirrings of a season change happening, those who like the endless summer lifestyle might want to think about checking into the WEAR situation. The Florida Sinclair ABC affil is looking for a Producer Director and DANIEL PENNINGTON would make a great boss. WEAR is in beautiful Pensacola where the beaches are white sand. Ah, grab your shades and give him a ring.

Closing the door of her office at Goodman Media is OLIVIA DUPUIS. She’s taken the Director of Corporate Communications job at Rainbow Media, the folks who are AMC, WE, fuse, and the Independent Film Channel. Watch for a great interview coming up right here on Well Dunne done with the head of the IFC, who has an amazing marketing knack.

Back from a fabulous vacation sailing the Mediterranean is Greenville, SC’s MICHEL PELLETIER, who heads up the creative efforts at WHNS, Meredith’s FOX affiliate in upstate South Carolina. On his itinerary were Greece, Turkey, Croatia (the new hot spot for vacationing Europeans) and Italy. He told me Venice was amazing and that Mikinos was too. He’s now back, hard at work, and looking for a writer producer. Give him a shout before all that good vacation karma wears off!

Speaking of great vacations, RONN KILBY of Kilby Pond out San Diego way combined a breathtaking trip with business. He’s been in Africa shooting his documentary: “”Namibia: Learning The Hard Way.” Can’t wait to see my copy. That’s a picture of Ronn who was zipping about Capetown on that Harley. The shots of the zebra and springbok, who actually do spring, was taken in Etosha, Namibia, which is the size of the Grand Canyon but with elephants. Here’s how Ronn describes the area: What looks like a lake in the distance, is actually a mirage – Etosha Pan – a dried lake bed where only Ostrich roam this time of the year. During the rainy season, Flamingo take over in huge numbers. Damn it’s awesome. Well Dunne! Ronn.

Martha’s hitting the bottle. Well, she’s going to have the Gallo folks out in California bottle wine with her name on it. All the info thanks to the Wall Street Journal by clicking here

Know what OpenAd is? Well you better…sounds like it might shake up things, and I don’t believe it will be for the best. Click here

“If mothers ruled the world, there wouldn’t be any god-damned wars in the first place.” ~ Sally Field

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