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Thursday September 20, 2007

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After a hiatus where the title “mom” was added to her resume, SHANNON LESNIAK has returned to Nexstar’s WBRE in her part of the world, Scranton, PA. She’s worked there before and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return, now that the apple of her eye, young JACK, turned 9 months old. That’s the handsome guy in the picture. Shannon is thrilled to be able to work in TV creative while staying close to family. She’s worked in upstate NY and Gainesville, FL, but prefers to be closer to those she loves. Smart woman. When one makes decisions based on love, it ALWAYS works out. Well Dunne! Shannon. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Independent Film Channel is putting the words Vice President in front of the Event Marketing title owned by LAUREN BURACK. She used to be Director, so yeah, it’s a promotion. Well Dunne!

Nice story about KUSA out in Denver. Click here.

NYT includes NBC’s VIVI ZIEGLER in a story about the Peacock’s plans to do their own iTunes type situation, only for free. Click here.

JOHN COLLING is looking for someone to come out to the lovely Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs and do some creative work for KKTV, the CBS affiliate. Any skiers out there? Winter sports fans? This is a great opportunity. Call him and then get those new bindings you were thinking about.

America voted for a very happy and excited New Yorker to be the new Design Star on HGTV’s fun show of the same name. Good job folks, and there’s no denying that’s real emotion on KIM MYLES face. Remember, dreams come true all the time. Isn’t that why DENNIS HOPPER has such sage and encouraging advice on his spots for retirement planning?? Well Dunne! Kim and thanks to the good folks at HGTV for their input.

Anybody interested in my take on the new FOX sitcom BACK TO YOU? Check out Dunnesaid by clicking here. Might be nice if you bookmarked that.

“To be aware of a single shortcoming in oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in someone else.” ~ The Dalai Lama

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