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Thursday, September 27, 2007

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More on ERIN NORMAN, who’s going to be the new Promo Manager for Orlando’s WRDQ. That’s her in the pix, and next to her is CHRIS ROMERO. These two Creatives are having such a good time, and their work shows it! Erin is a snowbird, having been raised in the Detroit metro area and worked at Kalamazoo’s WWMT. Eventually, when one is snowed in for months on end, the palm trees of Florida beckon. Erin, originally on the news producer side of the aisle, took a job with FOX down in O-town. Seeing the freedom and fun Creative Services offers, the made the leap and landed at COX’s operation down there. Her official first day will be Dec. 1…but she’s working hard now with Chris and the team. Thanks for the info, Erin. And best of luck with the new duties.

CAROL GOLL is the new Senior Vice President of Marketing at fuse. Yeah, she’ll be doing all those marketing things for the cable net.
Well Dunne!

Anybody see the dynamite promo on the History channel for MODERN MARVELS? Just love it!

Traveling, so this is late. My apologies. Enjoy.

Think about this: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.” ~ Carl Jung

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