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Monday, October 8, 2007

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Trading the lovely white sand Florida beach town of Panama City for the tall building banking center of Charlotte is MARK MORRISTON. Mark has been at Media General’s ABC affil, WMBB. Well, now he’s taken the slot of Promo Manager at Belo’s WCNC, the NBC affiliate in the town they call The Queen City. Mark’s held the Promo Manager slot title down in Florida, and has worked as a writer producer at Trib’s CW affil WTTV in Indy. I hear from a very good source he’s a good guy, so a big ol’ Well Dunne! is coming at ya, Marc. Marc will call CSD JOHN RICE boss.

News comes that the writer producer slot at CBS’s Metroplex station (that’s Dallas Fort Worth) has gone to JASON PALLANTE who’s left the above mentioned WCNC to take on the challenges of a top 10 market. Jason is at KTVT and has also been part of the creative crowd at KNTV, NBC for the Bay Area out of San Jose.

And STEVE WOMACK has taken his first seat as head of creative at Huntsville’s WAAY after being Sr. Writer Producer at WCNC in Charlotte. WAAY is ABC down in Northern Alabama.
SCOTT MANN takes the outdoors to new definitions as the recently tapped was tapped VP/Outdoor Affinity Marketing for the Outdoor Channel. It’s a new title, which will find this outdoor Mann making nice with the outdoor folks for long-term partnerships. Cool.

“In the here and now; you have the power to change everything…You have the power to live the abundance you were promised.” ~ Gary LaLonde

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