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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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DAVE SHELLY went house hunting this weekend. Well, he and his wife did. And they found what they were looking for. Obviously, he’s moved and he’s very excited about the new job he’s gotten. The Milwaukee native is now a Carolinian. A North Carolinian, living and working in Greenville. Dave’s the new Creative Services Director at Pappas Broadcasting’s WCWG, the CW20 in eastern Carolina. He makes the transition from CSD at WBUW in Madison, WI. Yep, a definite different lifestyle. Very little snow as a rule. Well Dunne! Dave and the best to you! Keep in touch!

Lots of things you need to read, so let’s start with this one from the NYTIMES. A must read actually about the future of marketing. Click here.

From the “I told you so” department comes this about TV news and sensationalism. Click here.

This sounds like opportunity to me. Read how NIKE is changing their ad approach and think about ways you can hook into a similar trend. Click here.

Think about t his: “Embracing change is consciously choosing our future.” ~ Tom Crum

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