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Monday, October 22, 2007

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Taking a new position with central Florida based FX Group is BILL BROWN, who makes the switch from being the head and founder of The Coaching Co. At FXG, Bill is the creative director and the good folks at FX will utilize him in their set design projects. Cool! Bill’s a Princeton grad who hails from Washington, DC, where he began his broadcast career at WJLA, where he did hands-on news directing. Next he found himself at legendary WRAL in Raleigh where he mowed ‘em down with his promo abilities. He got in on the ground floor of consultancy AR&D in Dallas, back when it was named The Media Associates. That’s when Bill came up with Proof of Performance promotion. Wow! He’s been consulting ever since, and founded The Coaching Co in ’86. No doubt FX Group will be able to deliver sets that work on all levels if Bill is there to help. Well Dunne! BB and keep in touch.

Hey youse guys… NY1News grabbed NIKIA REDHEAD as their new PR Manager. Cool.

Ran into an old bud and his relatively new blog. DON SMITH of Orlando’s NBC affil WESH has come up with a very readable, good looking and fun site about the biz. Don’s Assistant Creative Services Director for Hearst in central Florida (I see a theme for today’s post) who’s also worked at Houston’s KHOU. Yeah, he’s a Texas Louisiana guy. No doubt misses crawfish season. Check out his efforts by clicking idopromoz.blogspot.com

Think about this: “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. . . . R. Buckminster Fuller

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