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Thursday, October 25, 2007

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Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating. San Antonio is a GREAT, unique city. Wonderfully exciting, festive and family-oriented. And it was family that brought ZABRINA REPOZA back to her hometown. Zabrina, a name at the top of the Cool Names List, was writing and producing for NBC affil KVBC out in Vegas under CSD DALE WYMAN. Dale’s a great guy, and I’m sure that leaving Vegas was difficult, since we all know what goes on there stays there. Zabrina’s hubby is a chef (yum) and when he got the slot at SA’s Petroleum Club, they packed up and came back to The City Different. Add a little baby girl to the mix…her name is Mylie…and you have a happy family. When AZALIA HOELTING, CSD at SA’s FOX affil KABB heard Zabrina was back, she grabbed her, and the rest, as they say, constitutes the world of creative promotion.

Because we do, indeed, live in a small world, today’s other news is from the above-mentioned DALE WYMAN. He’s hired two new Creatives and they’re both hard at work already.

Coming to the desert from the lovely, lush green (when there’s not a drought) Triangle area of North Carolina is BETH ANN GAILEY, who’s happily writing and producing for the NBC affil, KVBC. A Cleveland girl by birth, she always wanted to live out West. She’s got her dream! As a matter of fact, she has more than one dream working. Beth Ann wanted to be a TV pro ever since she began doing TV in high school. She majored in it at Ohio’s Kent State U and then took a job at Sinclair’s WLFL/WRDC in Raleigh. So there you are. A happy creative at a great new station. Well Dunne! Beth Ann. Looking forward to seeing great things from you.

Tomorrow, info on the other new hire at KVBC and all kinds of new people with new jobs. And see that above…that gmail address? A good way to let me know what you are doing!

Think about this: “Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others.” ~ Jonathan Winters

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