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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oct 30, 2007 by     Comments Off on Tuesday, October 30, 2007    Posted under: Cinemax, Earthquake Media, HBO, Mark Cuban, Robert Davidman

This is fourth in a series of interviews with marketing pros. Today, meet ROBERT DAVIDMAN of NYC.

Sometimes, a chance meeting can change your whole life. That was the case during the 1994 baseball strike when ROBERT DAVIDMAN was working for the Florida Marlins and had more time on his hands than normal. Strikes do that. Taking advantage of the freedom, he was at a computer store when he encountered a kid who really knew computers, and was bubbling over talking about them. The young man’s enthusiasm sparked something in Robert, who was soon learning HTML and spending more and more time on his keyboard.

No stranger to new technologies, Robert had run bulletin boards when he was in college and set up a radio web site for WQAM, the Marlin’s station. After the strike ended and he went back to work for the team fulltime, Robert kept his cutting-edge tech edge growing. One day, the phone rang and it was MARK CUBAN (the kid from the computer store!) offering the New Yorker a job. Davidman took a chance and moved to Dallas to join Cuban at Broadcast.com.

At Broadcast.com, Robert was Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Technology. He developed the sales strategies and revenue models for the startup, and also built the sales forces for the three major departments inherent to Broadcast.com’s business. Robert was responsible for forecasting and achieving the company’s sales goals, which eventually lead to a groundbreaking IPO. He was also responsible for evangelizing to advertisers and marketers such as J. Walter Thompson and BBDO on how to integrate the technology into their advertising plans.

Broadcast.com was sold to Yahoo, where Robert was named Director of International Broadcast Services. In that role, he developed and implemented the Internet broadcast business model in 24 countries outside the United States. He consulted with customers such as Intel, NY Life Insurance Company, Avantel, and Columbia TriStar films about their integrated strategies and counseled senior management at Yahoo on how to sustain the business long term in their local countries.

I spoke with Robert as he was en route to a client’s locale in the NYC area. Back in The Big Apple since 1999, Robert owns and runs EarthQuake Media (earthquakemedia.com). EarthQuake positions itself as giving clients “a different perspective to media.” The company takes a 360 degree approach by reaching the consumer via advertising, word-of-mouth social PR, and experiential marketing. EarthQuake’s forte is integrated marketing communications, something the agency has been focusing on since its inception in 1999.

Robert had the best explanation of ‘integrated media’ to share.

“It’s absolutely about synergy,” he said. “Media is media. It’s where you put it so your consumer sees it. How does your consumer consume media? They can get their news from a blog, but also watch TV for something else. What is the media mix and how do you reach them?”

“My company evaluates available options and asks what the end result needs to be. Is it to sell more, or increase awareness or get more people into the store or get them to watch TV? Once you establish that, you look at the media habits of the target,” he continued.

“There are all kinds of options for media today, so understanding budgets is important. You gotta make a little look like a lot.”

Robert loves being back in NYC, and is working with his brother JON at EarthQuake, which counts HBO, Cinemax and Voyages Television as media company clients.

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