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Thursday, November 1, 2007

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Hometowns are always beckoning creative people. I hear a lot of “it’s home” when I talk to folks heading to new jobs. Such is the case with native Houstonian KEVIN FOLEY, who is set to become the #2 at NBC affil KPRC. The official title will be KPRC Creative Services Executive Writer/Producer at the Post Newsweek operation. Kevin will make the move from Texas’ capital Austin, where he was a Writer Producer at CBS’ KEYE. The Baylor grad has worked in Houston at KHCB as well as KXXV in Waco. I hear from CSD GARY WANN that the entire creative team at Local 2 (which is what they brand themselves) are excited to have him on board. Well Dunne! Kevin. Glad you’re home and happy.

This info is brought to you by the letters “J” and “B”, which stands for JANET BOYE. She’s taken the VP Creative Services slot at Sesame Workshop, the good folks behind Sesame Street. Janet is going to handle all the creative efforts, like branding and advertising and merchandising. Cool. She’s reporting to SUZANNE DUNCAN, who’s the VP of Workshop Marketing and Brand Strategy. Can we all say “Well Dunne!” boys and girls?

Two bits of news from the Hampton Roads area. First, WILLIAM (WILL) VARNIER has gone across the street and down the block to CBS affil WTKR, taking the place MARTHA SMITH had been holding down. Michael has been Promo Manager at Belo’s ABC affil in the lovely and watery market, working under MATT EARL, who’s Promo Director. Now, Michael will be steering his own ship now. Exciting. Well Dunne!

Just across the water, at LIN’s NBC affil WAVY comes word from CSD JUDY TRISKA that she’s bringing JASON COOPER onboard as writer producer…just in time for all the November happenings. Jason and his lovely bride REBECCA are thrilled to be making the move from his sojourn in Macon, Georgia. The newlyweds met in Huntsville, where Jason has been working. Glad to see good things happen to good people. Enjoy one and all…and scope out the best seafood places for my visit.

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  • Thanks! Happy to be in Houston. Um… who are you exactly? -KSF