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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Seattle. What comes to mind when you hear Seattle? Starbucks? Yep. Those guys who toss fish at the market? OK, that’s another thing. Tossing salmon has always fascinated me. How about high tech? Yep, Microsoft and Amazon call Seattle home. And YOU might call Seattle home if you want to work for what is considered one of the best TV operations in the country. KING (and let’s not forget KONG as well as Northwest Cable News) is on the hunt for a Senior Writer Producer who would join their hot creative team, led by RICK SWANSON. Sounds enticing. And if you want to lead your own shop, call Rick and ask him about Spokane.

What has former KXAN CSD RONNE ROCK been up to since she closed the door on her TV life and went to work for Buckner Ministries? Click here and read about her Moscow Adventure, complete with pictures. Turning the world into a better place…now THAT’S a good day’s work. Click here.

Know what petside is? You DON”T? Well, better click here and read all about this marketing portal that purrs, so to speak.

Think about this: “How do you know which of your intentions is likely to be fulfilled? The answer lies in paying attention to the clues provided by the nonlocal mind. Notice the coincidences in your life. Coincidences are messages. They are clues from God or spirit or nonlocal reality, urging you to break out of your karmic conditioning, your familiar patterns of thinking. They are offering you an opportunity to enter a domain of awareness where you feel loved and cared for by the infinite intelligence that is your source. Spiritual traditions call this the state of grace.” ~ Deepak Chopra

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