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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dec 6, 2007 by     Comments Off on Thursday, December 6, 2007    Posted under: Fates and Fortunes, Kate Bacon, Michel Pelletier, TMZ

Settling down in that part of West Hollywood that is called “Beverly Hills adjacent” (and is the epitome of the phrase ‘location, location, location’) is MICHEL PELLETIER. He’s a big city boy who’s worked in Miami, Atlanta and the like, who put in two years at Meredith’s WHNS, FOX in Greenville, SC. When Mr. M found out that wildly popular celeb gossip website TMZ was going to become a syndicated strip show out of Warner’s, he decided it was the place he wanted to work and, like a laser beam, set out to make it happen. He did. His last day in Greenville was October 31 and he’s been happily working as the Director of Affiliate Relations since. He even has the added luxury of living close by the studio where they put the show together. In LA, that’s almost as good as being Brad Pitt! Well Dunne! Michel. FAB!

From the Shameless Self Promotion Department – you are reading the blog of the new BROADCASTING AND CABLE blogger. Yep, the folks at Reed Business, owners of B&C, have set ME loose doing what I love to do – write about the promotions, new jobs and career highlights of the people in the world of, wait for it…broadcasting and cable. So now, instead of just focusing on the promotion and marketing segment, I can write about upper management, engineers, news folks, sales types, programming honchos and honchettes, and every person in between. Gonna be fun – absolutely. And I’ll be able to still keep up with all your marketing types with a link to WellDunne from B&C. I urge you to visit often and tell your friends. A great way to begin the end of the year, for sure. Thanks kids.

Think about this: “The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.” ~ Catherine Ponder

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