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New Years Eve 2007

Dec 31, 2007 by     Comments Off on New Years Eve 2007    Posted under: Uncategorized

New Year’s Eve. The brink of a new beginning. This year, instead of putting together a list of resolutions (and nobody every keeps those for more than a few weeks at most) why not select a word that will be your guide for the year. I’m choosing CHOICE, because everyday I can make a decision to select options that are in line with what I want to do. A good friend who’s an editor has selected BELIEVE and is going to believe in her goals. A writer friend (on strike) has selected BALANCE. Why not find a word that can be your mantra. Now check back in 2008 and find out all kinds news. Until then, have a safe and happy New Years.

Thanks to SARA DIAZ of Santa Fe for the lovely picture, which is the view from her casa.

“The purpose of life is being – as opposed to not being. Never give consideration to things you do not want to happen.” ~ David Baird

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