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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jan 30, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday, January 30, 2008    Posted under: Brian Blum, Chip Alfred, Kathy Soifer, Lexington, Pete Droge, Super Bowl, Toyota, WLEX

Anybody out there a horse person? Or a basketball fan, rabid variety? Or perhaps someone who wants to work while going back to school? Three great reasons that WLEX’s opening might be the right one for ya. NBC affil WLEX in gorgeous Lexington, Kentucky is looking for a creative to head up their marketing and the like. The town is fab. You should give it some thought. CHIP ALFRED is taking off to be Communications Director with Equality Forum in Philly. He’ll be gone Feb 8.

Anybody find it ironic that the new Toyota Sequoia TV spot, which has the most wonderful music by Pete Droge, ends with the line “the best evenings usually don’t end with television”? Just askin’…

Super Bowl countdown. You’ll want to make sure you don’t miss the Promo Pros take on the $1 million spots. Some of the most creative will share their take on it, right here post victory celebration. Two of the invited have graciously passed, with reasons that are totally acceptable. FOX Atlanta’s KATHY SOIFER is going to be hitting the stores as only a true shopper would, knowing the crowds are non-existent while the game is going on…and FOX New York’s BRIAN BLUM will be on a cross-country flight. We’ll have to fill them in.

Speaking of filling people in…if you’ve got news to share, then do.

Think About This: “So often we try to gird ourselves to face a harsh and difficult world when we might instead gentle both ourselves and our world just by slowing down. …We could take a cue from music here: ‘Rest’ is musical term for a pause between flurries of notes. Without that tiny pause, the torrent of notes can be overwhelming. Without a rest in our lives, the torrent of our lives can be the same” ~ Julia Cameron

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