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Monday, February 05, 2008

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Even if you hate football and hid under a rock, there’s no escaping the Super Bowl and post-Super Bowl discussions. Nor can one hide from the commercial analysis. We make no exception here. A stellar group of your fellow marketing pros have been asked and then graciously accepted to share their opinions on what very expensive spots worked. Over the next few days, this is the place to read what the pros thought. And because this is my effort, I’ll just say that my hometown’s own Anheuser Bush did it proud. The “Rocky” spot wherein one of the carriage horses (which is what they call Dalmatians…and my family actually owned a Bush Dalmatian while growing up) training the Clydesdale so he could make the team…beyond priceless. Perfectly executed, it’s going down as an all-time favorite in my book. So, that said, let’s begin in the very heart of the country.

From DAVID BELL, Creative Services Director of KWCH, CBS affil in Wichita, Kansas.

This year’s Super Bowl commercials were a lot like the game. They didn’t explode with exciting 80-yard passes down the field, but there were a lot of 10-15 yard connections for solid first downs. Here’s a quick rundown of my two favorites:

New England Patriots Runner-Up Trophy: Diet Pepsi Max. This was an excellent spot aimed directly at a 30’s-40’s demo that Pepsi knows will buy this drink. The commercial is an homage to the old Saturday Night Live nightclub dance skit from several years back and makes the promise that with more caffeine, Diet Pepsi Max will give me the energy I need to stay awake. It uses hyperbole, humor, great visuals and a familiar soundtrack to demonstrate just how the product will work. Now, I already have a preconception of Diet Pepsi Max (my wife started drinking it around the holidays regularly and I also think it’s a very good diet drink) but if this was my first impression, the ad is easily persuasive enough to get me to try it out.

New York Giants Champion Trophy: Audi R8. First, let me say I am not an Audi fan. I’ve always had the impression that Audi was an over-priced, unreliable and poorly made car. I am not alone in that impression. But wisely this commercial didn’t tell me it was for Audi until I was already drawn in. It was just strange enough and made a big enough promise to me that I was very curious and excited about the vehicle. The Godfather takeoff really grabbed my attention and when we finally saw the shots of the car and its design, they were impressive. Let’s face it, any red-blooded American male loves a cool sports car (save for the news director at my old station who proudly drives a conversion van) and after this commercial – if I were in the market for such a vehicle – I would be taking the Audi R8 for a test drive. Of course, to own one I’d have to be making a lot more money than I do now, but a guy can dream, right?

Made the playoffs: Toyota Corolla “Badgers”, Narnia movie trailer, Budweiser “Rocky” and Garmin Napoleon.

Miami Dolphins futility award: Go Daddy.com is at least consistent in that year after year they seem to always have the most distasteful spot in the Super Bowl. Shame on Danica Patrick for participating in this.

More tomorrow…come back!

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