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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feb 13, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday, February 13, 2008    Posted under: Fine Living, Greg Stroud, Lily Li, WGA Strike

Congratulations to all the members of the WGA…the strike is over and the future is looking much better. Now that everybody is heading back to their computers, firing up their Final Draft programs, there will be a lot of marketing to do. You do know there are promo folks who are members, right? Soapbox moment: It’s my belief that there is enough to go around. PLENTY to share in this biz. Be it work, money, credits, contacts, freelance…enough for one and all. Now, back to work!

I’m a fan of the Fine Living channel. It’s elegant without being pompous and refined without being haughty. Adding to their spot-on mix is the addition of LILY LI as a writer producer for the head creative honcho, GREG STROUD. Lily is lovely and shared this about herself…take it away Ms. Li: It’s hard to qualify my hometown (I was born in Taiwan and came to the States when I was 4). But my formative years were spent in NJ & college in Ohio (Miami University) before heading to Atlanta to start working. Got an entry-level job at Turner Entertainment Group (that’s what they called themselves back then!), worked my way up at Turner Classic Movies (stayed there for 8 years) before venturing out. (Still miss some of the great talent there- from production crew to editors– but had to keep learning and doing, which requires moving out of my comfort zone. You know how that goes in this business…). Out of all the work I did there, my proudest work at TCM were the 2 Star of the Month projects I did with “the 2 Michaels” (as I dubbed it): Michael Douglas on Kirk Douglas’ career and Michael Caine on Cary Grant’s career. (I’m still looking for a way to top those pieces!) As I like to joke, I went from 1 part of Interstate-75 in Atlanta (where Turner is in midtown) up to another part of I-75 at The Weather Channel. Was a writer/producer there for 2 and a half years (and part of a really great small group of people in that creative services dept). While at TWC, I did everything from new series campaigns (It Could Happen Tomorrow & 100 Biggest Weather Moments) to Storm Stories stunts, weather.com spots, and topical promos. From there, I couldn’t turn down the chance to work with The Stroud, so I kept going north on I-75 (again) to come work at Fine Living Network in Knoxville.
Always so great to hear about new opportunities and happy people. If that’s you, please share your new job, client, family addition or biz venture. Drop me an email at the address on the top of this page.

Think About This: “God lives in your heart and speaks to you through your intuition, visions, and dreams.” ~ Alan Cohen (not the GM at KMOV)

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