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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feb 28, 2008 by     Comments Off on Thursday, February 28, 2008    Posted under: Lori Beth Crawford, The NBC Agency East Coast

Big shake-up out in Phoenix, where LORI BETH CRAWFORD has resigned from her position as creative head of Meredith’s KPHO. S he and the News Director both turned in their letters at the same time.

Further to the west, in LA, we have some more changes. The folks at the NBC Agency call it restructuring. Whatever. JOHN-DAVID CURREY, LARRY HART and RON HAYES are now Senior VP’s. John-David (does he have a nickname?) is SVP of On-Air Promotion, where he’ll handle the launch of the entertainment side offerings. His old title was VP of Drama and Reality Promotion. Larry gets a brand new title, newly created, of Senior VP of Content Production & Distribution which means he’ll be the head guy of Electronic Media Services, putting his work in such places as taxis, gas stations and supermarkets. Ron, who was VP and Creative Director of Special Projects, is still going to do special stuff.

Wait…there’s more. LORENZO DE GUTTADAURO has joined as VP of brand strategy, coming over from a slot at USA Net, while SYLVIA HART has been upped to VP of marketing initiatives for NBC promotion. DAVID DORE has been promoted to VP, special projects. Boy, there are more promotions than there are Chanel knockoffs on Canal Street!

Speaking of Canal Street. Hey, you New Yorkers…. tonight’s the 15th Annual Media Battle of the Bands at BB Kings. Of course you want to go. Click here for more info and then get there!

Think about this: “So often we try to gird ourselves to face a harsh and difficult world when we might instead gentle both ourselves and our world just by slowing down. …We could take a cue from music here: ‘Rest’ is musical term for a pause between flurries of notes. Without that tiny pause, the torrent of notes can be overwhelming. Without a rest in our lives, the torrent of our lives can be the same” ~ Julia Cameron

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