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Friday, May 9, 2008

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Catching up: JOSEPH SCHILTZ has the most exciting new path after being in the TV Promo and Marketing biz for the last 13 years. Until the last two weeks, he had been the CSD at Hearst’s New Orleans WDSU. He was happy, but ready for a new opportunity. And one dropped into his lap. He was, of course, smart enough to go with it, and he’s now involved in a start-up ad and marketing company. He called from his Metairie, Louisiana office and sounded so excited. No moving..no switching the kids’ schools. Still staying in the Big Easy. His new biz, called MD Small Biz (hope that’s the way they want it to be spelled) and, like the name implies, focuses on helping small businesses get the same kind of hot marketing larger companies get. He’s got some very cutting-edge new media programs he’s rolling out. Joseph wants us all to know he loves TV promotion and the excitement of being part of a creative team and misses it already. We’ll keep him on the radar screen, for sure. Well Dunne!

Is it me or has someone hit the Fast Forward button on time lately? Huh?

Any of you going to NCTA in NO in a few? Let me know.

I want to buy a margarita for the marketing person(s) who came up with the trailer for the new Disney flick BEVERLY HILLS CHICHUAHUA. Can you click here and watch? http://www.apple.com/trailers/disney/beverlyhillschihuahua/trailer_large.html

Reminders: 1 – Mother’s Day is Sunday. Don’t blow this one, kids. 2 – Stamps are about to go up in price. Well, why not. You can buy stamps for the low price today that will be good as long as you need them. Saving a little is never a bad thing.

Think About This: “There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.” ~ Robert Frost

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