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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jun 5, 2008 by     Comments Off on Thursday, June 5, 2008    Posted under: Bruce Mau, Ivy Creative, Marc Mathieu, Mick Ebeling, PROMAX BDA, Rick Felty, Steve Ratner, Tom Segale

New beginnings are always so exhilarating! Whether you yourself are beginning something new, or you hear about someone taking first steps in shoes that have been worn down traveling many paths, nothing beats a new beginning story. And we have one today. Last Friday, RICK FELTY closed the chapter on an 18 year career doing creative work for Tribune. The Syracruse grad had worked at KPIX in San Francisco and was enticed to go to WGN in Chicago, where he oversaw amazing creative for nearly two decades. What’s his new beginning? He’ll be working with another TV creative at Ivy Creative. Joining forces with STEVE RATNER and TOM SEGALE, both Boston TV vets, Rick is Principal / Senior Creative Director at Ivy. Check out his blog – he explains it so well. http://dreamschooner.wordpress.com

For those headed to NYC’s PROMAX Pow-wow (a name I think adds a lot to the event, thanks for asking) there’s been a fascinating addition that will address the question: where does design intersect corporate and environmental responsibility? Leading the session will be Massive Change creastor BRUCE MAU and Coke’s SVP of Global Brand Marketing MARC MATHIEU. FYI, MICK EBELING of The Ebeling Group will host. Veerry cool.

ALERT – Tomorrow, June 6 is National Donut Day. Why not? Go celebrate in your own manner.

Think about This: “We are living in a new era in the land of beginning again. The boundary of your dreams is the measure of your success. Dare to dream.” ~ Elma Easley

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