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Monday, July 12, 2008

Jul 13, 2008 by     Comments Off on Monday, July 12, 2008    Posted under: Media Post Creative Media Awards, Tim Dukes, Tribune

Taking the reigns and Vice President of Promotion for Chicago-based Tribune Broadcasting is Louisville, KY’s own TIM DUKES. He’ll be focusing on on-air and national promotions for the stations and interactive side of the ‘new’ Tribune. That’s the pix he sent of himself on the right. Tim comes from the wide-open world of radio, doing on-air and management duties in such locales as Tampa, Cincy, San Diego, Atlanta and Chicago. He’s even worked at the button-downed Wachovia! Tim’s release is fun and does indeed cut through the PR clutter. Always a good thing for a promo type. Well Dunne!

Media Post has set August 8 (same day as the Olympics kick off on NBC) as the deadline for entering the Creative Media Awards contest. Click here for all the scoop.

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