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Friday, July 25, 2008

Jul 25, 2008 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Emergen-C, Greg Gorelick, KSWB, Matt Gasioirowski, Will Givens

Anybody here ever use Emergen-C? It’s a powder you mix in with water and you get a huge jolt of vitamin C, B and it’s great for feeling extra good, a little energy and to ward off a cold. They’re always at checkout counters. MATT GASIOIROWSKI, the latest addition to WILL GIVINS’ creative team at San Diego’s soon-to-be FOX affil, KSWB worked for the company that handled Emergen-C, Alacer before doing TV. A multi-talented guy who speaks Japanese and has his sheepskin from San Diego State, Matt had a hankering to be in TV, and this is his first shot. Excellent!

But wait…there’s more! GREG GORELICK has comes over from now-FOX affiliate XETV as well. In addition to his TV graphic work, Greg was working for the San Diego Gulls, the hockey team down in that neck of SoCal. He’s a local, so he’s been living in the city with the most perfect weather all his life. Well Dunne! guys.

Think About This: (you can substitute “Creativity” for “discovery”) “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought.” ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgi

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  • p.s. My last name is spelled GASIOROWSKI… too many I’s! 😀

  • Cool! Is this my 15 minutes of fame? It’s definitely a thrill working for Fox now… it’s much more hectic and involved than the average TV graphics position. Tons of new programs and technology to deal with. Great people and a great department as well. Now that we’re over the drama filled first few weeks of technical glitches and learning to handle these new systems (beta testing anyone?), we’re loosening the reigns on creativity a bit and really starting to let loose with the graphic shenanigans. Watch and see! (gratuitous plug here).