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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sep 24, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday, September 24, 2008    Posted under: Brian Phillips, CMT, Dee McLaughlin, Doritos One Million Dollars, Frank Leto, KOLO, Zomboo's House of Horrors

Too busy to have noted the first day of Fall? Yeah, me too. But it’s here, and that means Halloween can’t be far behind. For those who think Halloween is a great night for making a little extra station cash, let me suggest a well-produced little gem of a show called ZOMBOO’S HOUSE OF HORRORS, a movie and laughs show produced by CSD FRANK LETO (that’s him in an Indiana Jones kind of moment) out of Reno’s KOLO TV. Frank takes on the role of Zomboo himself and brings a wicked sense of humor to the party. Zomboo and his sidekicks, a la the Soupy Sales Show, spoof the old films with vampire/ghoulish hilarity. He’s got over 100 of these all ready to roll. It’s PERFECT for late night Halloween. And the price couldn’t make your GM any happier if you tried. Let me know and I’ll set it up for ya’ll.

Trading LA for Nashville is DEE MCLAUGHLIN, just named SVP/Brand Marketing with CMT. She previously was with the Virgin Group doing marketing. Now, she’ll be doing marketing and creative for CMT and report to BRIAN PHILLIPS, EVP and GM at the cable net. Well Dunne!

Who doesn’t want or need a cool million bucks? Well, the folks at Doritos, a former client of mine I admit, have put that sum on the table for anybody producing a SuperBowl TV spot that would “knock off the big guys”. What an opportunity for you all to grab that cash and then show how HONESTLY talented the CSD’s in entertainment marketing are. Check out the details

You got what it takes to be a leader? According to the Harvard Biz folks, there are three indicators. Find out what they are.

Point of sale advertising goes high tech. Wow. This is quite an interesting article from Businessweek.

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