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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sep 25, 2008 by     Comments Off on Thursday, September 25, 2008    Posted under: Dee Joyce, KOCO, KPIX, Radall Gage, Sultan Mirza, Trevor Harper

It never ceases to amaze what a few short months can do to turn a life in an entirely different direction. When I caught up with SULTAN MIRZA, who works for CSD DEE JOYCE at CBS in San Francisco, he shared that his life took a major turn for the best in late August when he married the beautiful JULIA. The wedding took place in Switzerland and, from the looks of the pictures they shared, was elegant and romantic. The two, pictured to the right, are Swiss nationals who met each other in San Francisco, not their homeland. Sounds like cupid went out of his way to get them together. Cupid and the 2006 World Cup finals. All the best to you both. Well Dunne!

Out at Oklahoma City’s KOCO, the Hearst-owned ABC affil in the Sooner capital, comes word that TREVOR HARPER has joined their creative department as a writer and producer. Trevor comes from the FOX affiliate across town, where he wrote and produced as well. Shout out to CSD RANDALL GAGE for the update! Well Dunne!

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