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Saturday November 8, 2008

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Lou Dorfsman was a BDA Honorary Liftetime Member and the genius behind the CBS brand. Here’s information about HOW to preserve Lou’s legacy. Go to: www.karma411.com/campaign/savelouswall

and be sure to watch the video to see the birth of an idea.

Lou Dorfsman
(1918 – 2008)

On October 22, 2008, Lou Dorfsman passed away. Honor the Legacy of Lou Dorfsman by helping save his legendary typographic masterpiece, The “Gastrotypographicalassemblage.”

For 41 years, (1946 to 1987), along side William S. Paley and Frank Stanton, CBS SVP Lou Dorfsman ushered in the Golden Age of Broadcast Television. Managing design and advertising Lou Dorfsman sculpted a new medium and crafted the CBS brand; his creations deftly touched our lives, shaped our culture, and informed both our values and our beliefs.

Influencing countless aspects of CBS’s appearance, his taste and style were legendary. From the political convention floor to Walter Cronkite and the CBS News, from Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, and I Love Lucy, to Mary Tyler Moore, Sixty Minutes, and The Walton’s; Dorfsman laid hands to them all.

One of Lou’s most notable creations was the CBS Cafeteria Wall, truly a National design treasure as renowned as its visionary designer and art director. The expansive Wall, completed in 1966, spans over 35’ in length and 8’ in height. Aptly dubbed the “Gastrotypographicalassemblage”, Lou considered the Wall his Magnum Opus, his gift to the world. Unceremoniously abandoned in the late ‘80’s, the walls 9 panels were salvaged by NY designer Nick Fasciano, however, time and storage has ravaged the monument leaving it in terrible disrepair.

The non profit foundation, The Center for Design Study, acquired the wall insuring its preservation. Now, engaged in fundraising to support the meticulous and extensive restoration; their goal – to see it on public display, as part of a traveling exhibition on American Design, a tool for education and expanded awareness to the value of intelligently applied design.

You can help preserve Lou’s legacy! Please contribute directly to this campaign to save Lou’s wall…all the proceeds go directly to restoring the wall. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

For more information:
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Grasz Communications

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