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Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov 23, 2008 by     Comments Off on Monday, November 24, 2008    Posted under: Becky Lynn, Curtis Miles, NYTimes Magazine, Todd Long

This week, let’s focus on the things in our lives for which we are thankful. It’s been a challenging year. Yet, despite it all, we have the ability to see that there are good – no great – things in our life that make the journey joyful. Let’s start with TODD LONG, who was recently with the Journal affiliate in Omaha and is now looking for a new slot, and BECKY LYNN, who is not just a talented voice artist heard on such stations as WTVD in Raleigh for my pal CURTIS MILES, but also is a working mom who manages to get it all done.

Sometimes it takes extreme events to make you realize what you are thankful for. I became a victim of the economy the week before Thanksgiving and found myself out of work. As we all know, word can travel fast in this business, and within half an hour of arriving home, I had an e-mail asking me if I was interested in becoming the Director of Marketing for another TV station. Twenty-four hours after that, I had a phone call from a business outside of the industry asking me for an interview to be their “Senior Communications Specialist.” I was fielding phone calls and e-mails from people all across the country until 10pm the night it happened, all wanting to know what they could do to help and offering their services. As a friend of mine in Human Resources told me, “I’ve never seen anyone have this many prospects so soon after losing a job.” So I am thankful to everyone who has gone out of their way to send an e-mail or call me on the phone to tell me about a prospective job, offer their services, ask to be a reference for me, or just plain say, “I’m here for you” (especially Kate, who is also giving me this chance to say “thanks”). I wish I could list everyone’s name, because I know some of you are reading this now. I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I won’t risk it, but you all know who you are and I hope you also all know that I will always be grateful and that I never forget who was there for me. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Todd Long – Omaha Nebraska

This Thanksgiving Day, finds us all in the midst of some uncertain times, and it’s times like these that really allow us to count our blessings…those things that really do matter. I realize that I am indeed truly blessed, despite a year unlike any I’ve experienced in some time. I’m thankful for those who love me…my family and close friends…who’ve shown their love and care in so many ways. I’m thankful that I still have a home over my head and can still make the payment on it and meet all other financial obligations even though I left a long time radio job about this time last year. I’m truly thankful to know that God does hear and answer our prayers and provides. I’m also thankful that He allows me to be optimistic about the future, because honestly, being pessimistic doesn’t help matters one hoot! I will give thanks to the Lord today, as I do everyday, for His presence in my life, for my darling children, my wonderful husband, my terrific mom and mother in law, friends–both close personal and my business and work friends. I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!! Becky Lynn – Phoenix AZ – voice talent repped by Well Dunne!

The entire NYTimes Magazine this week is devoted on how we now watch stuff. You HAVE to check it out.

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Come back tomorrow and for today, remember that when in doubt, act like Myrna Loy.

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