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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov 25, 2008 by     Comments Off on Tuesday, November 25, 2008    Posted under: Gerry Logue, Mike Henry

GERRY LOGUE is the newest member of Oxygen Media. He’s left his own shop to take the Vice President, Creative Director slot. Cool. He’ll be in NYC of course. Gerry’s background includes Senior VP/executive Creative Director of Advertising, Promotion and Production for Lifetime Network, in addition to working at Grey Entertainment, NBC News and CNN. Well Dunne! Gerry.

Let’s remember to count our blessings. Today, we hear from a favorite who has a fascinating list of things that are dear to his soul.

From MIKE HENRY – Creative Services Director at KGPE, Fresno, CA
I am thankful for (or to):
• My constant, forgiving and understanding wife, Linda. Who must hold some sort of record for packing up and moving around the country with me.

• My beautiful, caring and talented daughter, Carrie, because I am so very proud of her.

• Carrie’s amazing children, Riley and Sophia, because they are so damned cute.

• Getting to drive Tom Humpage’s hot-rod ’53 Chevy on Lake Road in Bay Village.

• Willie Nelson (for no reason other than we all should be thankful for Willie!).

• Color TV.

• Air conditioning.

• Edwardo’s pizza.

• Patrick Stewart (an icon for balding, middle aged men everywhere).

• Kristen Chenowith (an inspiration to balding, middle aged men everywhere).

• To name one would mean naming everyone and I can’t begin to do that. But in our jaded, “seen it all”, business I am thankful for those caring and talented people I have been lucky enough to work with. The people who bring intelligence, humor, understanding and just the right amount of cranky cynicism to our daily struggle. If you read this I hope you know I am talking about you!

• And finally, I am thankful that we have survived as a nation and been given a once in a lifetime second chance to get things right!

Think About This: “”What’s in greatest demand today isn’t analysis, but synthesis, seeing the big picture and combining disparate pieces into an arresting new whole.” ~ Daniel H. Pink

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