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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec 3, 2008 by     Comments Off on Wednesday, December 3, 2008    Posted under: Cory McRae, Hearst, WAPT

It’s a long way from the Great Wall of China to Hearst’s ABC affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi. But CORY McRAE has traveled it and is now sitting in the Creative Services Director chair at WAPT in the Magnolia State’s capital. Yes, the McRae family passport has a lot of stamps on it, because a few years ago, he took time off from his TV job in Kansas City (he was a photog and writer-producer at WDAF as well as FOX) to live for a year on the island of Saipan. Yes, I’ll wait while you google it to find out it’s a Pacific paradise. The McRae clan, which includes Mrs. McRae and the two little McRaes, traveled all over that part of the Pacific Rim and even spent time on Bali, which sounds as exotic as it is. The Montana native and his brood are now settled into Jackson, an elegant town of charm and finesse, where Cory is taking on his first CSD assignment. He’s thrilled and can tell you so in Chinese, because he took lessons in the Mandarin language. Well Dunne Cory! Keep in touch.

Think About This: “Do not seek after what you yearn for, seek the source of the yearning itself.” ~ Adyshanti

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