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Dec 22, 2008 by     Comments Off on     Posted under: Creative jobs, Well Dunne Talent

I wish I had a Well Dunne! to pass out this morning, but alas, not. Let’s focus on possible jobs that will no doubt finally get green lights after the first of the year.

First, it’s time to call attention to options in lieu of layoffs. The NYTimes has this article, which spotlights real leadership by business owners. Feel free to send it around.

Now, here’s two jobs that you might want to check out:
Sr. Writer at QVC in West Chester PA.

Want to be Creative Director for Radio Shack in Ft. Worth?

For those looking for bargains, here are some fun websites that help you save:

Going to NATPE? Well, if not, no worries, Well Dunne! will do live blogging from Vegas to keep you up on all the activity. If you’ll be around, let me know. I’ll buy the, uh, coffee.

Think About This: “Nothing is ever lost. Not time – for what seems to have passed, lives on in the wisdom of future decisions. Not money – for what seems to have been spent, was only invested. And not love – for what seems to have vanished, has only moved so close you must look within your heart to see it.” ~ The Universe

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