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Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 9, 2009 by     Comments Off on Monday, February 9, 2009    Posted under: CBS, Chris Pursell, David Rosen, Eric Jacobson, PROMAX/BDA, Writers Guild Awards

Have you seen the new quarterly magazine from PROMAXbda? Named Brief, it’s a hot and upbeat look at the people, trends, ideas and happenings in the world of entertainment creativity. Editor CHRIS PURSELL, VP of Content Innovation, is doing a bang-up job. Living up to that cool title. Of course, the PROMAXbda folks keep track of who is working where. The comings and goings part…details about which creative has what new job…that’s gonna be my bailiwick. They were kind enough to ask me to fill that part for Brief. Me, a contributing writer. Very nice. Brief is a quarterly – the first one just arrived in members’ mailboxes. Don’t forget to click the PROMAXbda link above – a lot of work was put into this so you could go from here in a flash! And let me know when you have a listing for both here and for Brief. Yep, Facebook or Linked in are the best ways.

Great take on the NBC promos during the SuperBowl. Thanks ADAGE.

The Writers Guild got all dressed up and handed out awards, including two categories close to our hearts. Congrats to CBS, for whom the two recipients work. Winning in the PROMOTIONAL WRITING AND GRAPHIC ART WINNERS ON-AIR PROMOTION (RADIO OR TELEVISION) is ERIC JACOBSON for “Jericho: Two-Minute Drills”. Taking home the honors for TELEVISION GRAPHIC ANIMATION was DAVID ROSEN for “Medical Animations” done for CBS Evening News.

Think About This: “In the time of your life, live – so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite variety and mystery of it.” ~ William Saroyan

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