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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 24, 2009 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Azalia Hoelting, CTAM Mark Awards, Optomen Productions, Wade Capps

Countdown to Fiesta has started! 51 days til San Antonio parties like nobody else. KABB, the Sinclair FOX affil in the Alamo City is the official station of the festivities…and they’ve gotten a new pair of hands to help them create sizzling promos. Coming back home to SA from lovely seaside Corpus Christi is WADE CAPPS. He’s making the switch out of love – his wife has taken a great job in SA. But wait…there’s more. The Capps family is expanding – a new baby is on the way. Wade is the Sr. Promo Producer and the right hand man for CSD AZALIA HOELTING. Sounds like reason to celebrate. Well Dunne! kidz.

Well this Casting Call seems kinda interesting. If you’ve lost your job between the election and the inauguration, the fine folks at Optomen Productions want to hear from you. Send info to them (name, phone, recent pix, age, a tad about where you used to work, how the layoff happened and what you see in the future): mylaidofflife@gmail.com or check out the website: mylaidofflife.net

Never too early to think about the Mark Awards for CTAM. Time flies – it’s nearly March for heavens sakes. First off, if you want to be a judge, check it out.

Think About This: “God lives in your heart and speaks to you through your intuition, visions, and dreams.” ~ Alan Cohen

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  • Thanks Kate! We’re always looking for great judges — and of course, reminders that you can’t win a Mark Award if don’t enter.