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Well Dunne! for May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for May 4, 2009    Posted under: BDA, Bob Iger, Douglas Karabasz, Jonathan Verk, KPRC, PROMAX

Well Dunne! in the highest form to PROMAX/bda head JONATHAN VERK who placed 736th place in the Santa Monica Classic this weekend. He ran 8:59/mile and a finish of 55:44!

And another congrats goes to KPRC Art Director DOUGLAS KARABASZ’ wife, Shilpa, who picked up her well-earned Executive MBA from Michigan this weekend.

Speaking of KPRC (and I know this will sound like I’m picking on them, but they’re just the ones that exemplify it) have any of you listened to your phone systems? They, by and large, are HORRIBLE. You can’t get a person to help you find someone. Stations use their news talent, and bad scripts, to answer. One station even says “that’s the way we roll” OMG. Is the point NOT to talk with the public? Because that’s what it seems like. Heaven forbid I’d want to buy time. Dial yourself and tell me if that’s the image you want. Go on.

NBC is up and at ‘em for promoting the Fall, Read about it via TVWeek.

Finally, inspiration. ABC topper BOB IGER didn’t let a bad review get in the way of his success. The NYT’s profiles him.

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