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Well Dunne! for June 15, 2009

Jun 15, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for June 15, 2009    Posted under: 99 Tigers, Astra Dorf, BDA, Bill Price, Bob Saget, Brett Karley, David Seeley, Ed Green, Glenn Lazzaro, Judah Friedlander, Marc Lucas, Mitch Phillips, PROMAX, Razorfish

Heading to PROMAX? I know I said I was, but things just didn’t work out. Nonetheless, you’ll have info and all kinds of updates here. The wonder of modern technology. If you ARE on hand in NYC, give the voices at the Awards shows an extra round of applause. Both are Well Dunne! Talents. Voicing along with emcee Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock at the BDA Show is MITCH PHILLIPS. He’s a doll and a New Yorker at heart. The PROMAX Award voice is ED GREEN, who will help emcee Bob Saget announce all the winners. You need Mitch and Ed, too, you know. Make that next project a ‘for the books” home run. Well Dunne! you two. So proud.

What do you do with 99 Tigers? You brand and promote with them, that’s what. 99 Tigers is the new entity of former Crossroads’ GLENN LAZZARO and DAVID SEELEY, who have formed their own company for on-air promotion, network marketing, and collaborative efforts with affinity agencies. Joining Lazzaro and Seeley at 99 Tigers are BRETT KARLEY, producer, and ASTRA DORF, who will continue to head up marketing for the group. Their recent clients include ABC, CBS, Bravo, Univision, Oxygen, MSG, iVillage, and the United Nations. Also working with the company will be L.A.-based director BILL PRICE. Well Dunne! Tigers.

MARC LUCAS jumps from group creative director to executive creative director at Razorfish. That’s him there on the right.

Wrangling creatives can be a lot like herding cats. But the NYT’s recent article about how to do it, via noted game designer Will Wright, is worth the read.

Think About This: “Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.” ~ Tryon Edwards

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