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RUMOR out of Dallas Ft Worth

Aug 6, 2009 by     1 Comment    Posted under: KXAS

UPDATE: This isn’t just DFW…its nationwide. ALL the NBC O&O Creative promo marketing folks are on their way out. NYC will operate from something they call MOTHER. Anybody have an idea what word we can use right after that one? This SUCKS MAJOR LEAGUE. The talented, creative, amazing people at these stations are asssets. ASSETS. So sad.

I don’t like reporting rumors, because so many of them are just nuts. And I avoid writing trash about people and companies most of the time. But this rumor has come to me from MANY sources, so there’s something afoot. Word is that the entire promo department at NBC’s KXAS in Dallas have been told they have til the end of August. Then the promos will be done out of New York. This would SO SUCK. More tomorrow.

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