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Well Dunne! for August 10, 2009

Aug 10, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for August 10, 2009    Posted under: Burn Notice, Donna Reed, NBC promo elimination, Steve Simpson, WMAQ

What an eye-opening few weeks it has been. As I call stations to discuss voice needs – I am continually shocked to find talented people gone from slots they had been in for a long time. People who know how to market, not just market TV. The list is impressive in its scope and alarming in its length. Yes, things change. But I maintain and will always maintain that good people are assets. Ideas are assets. Einstein said that. Let’s remember to be kinder to each other and help each other out.

Following the NBC move on Friday to eliminate the local promo departments and do some sort of hub situation, the Chicago Sun Times wrote about how the new leaner way to cover news will be handled at WMAQ. Click here.

STEVE SIMPSON is NOT related to any of the other Simpsons who have graced our TV tubes for so long. He is however the News Marketing Director of Salt Lake City’s CBS affil, KUTV. A native Utahn (yes, that is spelled correctly and it is what they call natives of Utah and yes, they do need to come up with something much better asap), Steve had his own production company before signing on at the Four Points station. He’s very enthusiastic and we’re sending out a huge Well Dunne! to him right now.

Who can resist an article called Plethora of Promos?

Anybody else love the season finale of Burn Notice? Yeah, me too. Loving the whole thing. Hate to see it go, but it will be back. Thanks USA Network.

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