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Well Dunne! for Monday August 31, 2009

Aug 31, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for Monday August 31, 2009    Posted under: Craig Fleming, Hard Rock, Jeff Grimshaw, Second Wind, Steve Houk, Wendy McMahon

While WENDY McMAHON packs for her new LA gig at KABC (and is hitting all the great Boston restaurants – order lobster now Wendy because it’s pretty hard to get a really good one in LA), a new writer producer at WBZ is hard at work. CRAIG FLEMING has traded Philly for Bean Town where he’s turning out promos for the CBS station. He was at Comcast and CN8 before. Well Dunne! Craig. He’s one of the very creative ones…keep your eye on him.

Next time you run into the NBC peacock, you can say, with a straight face, “You look mahvelous, darling!”

Former Turner VP of Promotion JEFF GRIMSHAW is launching a new, daily video newscast about the TV biz…starting today. He’s the creator and the on-air talent. I bet he writes it and markets it, too. Give it a look.

FOX is partnering with Twitter to come up with the 21st Century’s way to repeat a TV Show. It’s a Tweet-peat

Hey all you DCers…circle Nov 5 on your calendar (or add to you iCal). That’s the night WUSA’s CSD STEVE HOUK’s band plays the Hard Rock. Second Wind hits the big time…so make plans to rock along with ‘em. They even have their own Facebook page!

From the bankruptcy department comes two stories this AM:
Tribune and Freedom

Have some fun…crazy ad stories of the month.

Think About this: “Spirituality is the awareness that we are connected to Life with a capital “L.” This state of being is not dependent on the particular activity we are performing. So instead of denying your spiritual side until you have time to explore it, try doing what you’re doing with the attitude that you already are a spiritual being, and see how your daily life is influenced as a result.” ~ Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman

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