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Well Dunne! for September 18, 2009

Sep 18, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for September 18, 2009    Posted under: Paul Newman, Peter Masucci, Sally Field, Scott Wooldridge

OK – time to set the record straight. The Creative Services Director of CBS’ Boston operation – WBZ and WSBK – is PETER MASUCCI, a native Bostonian born and raised. He’s been at the station for quite some time, his BU sheepskin in hand, and has been Promotion Manager as well as Brand Manager. Peter loves the writing and producing and branding end of the job in particular and is a family man. Wahoo. Sounds like he’s the go-to guy with Beantown questions. He started out at indie WSBK and has been doing well ever since. Big Well Dunne! to you Peter!

And yes, that means that the previous posting that SCOTT WOOLDRIDGE of WCCO in Minneapolis was not correct. It was confirmed by the person leaving the job, but inaccurate. Scott is loving the north country and isn’t going anywhere. If this has created problems for him, he can have his folks call me and I’ll show them the email that said he was the man. Gee, I feel like Sally Field in Absence of Malice, only no Paul Newman. Her line in that movie sums it up: “It’s correct but not accurate.”

Ready for tomorrow? It’s TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY. Watch your sports people…they seem very likely to observe this fun – on air. And of course, there is the official website.

Speaking of Boston, the folks at Harvard have come up with the 5 things that effective leadership needs to have. A must read.

Let’s get the brain engaged and see why it spends money. It’s called neuromarketing and you can read all about it here.

Big announcement on Monday…come back for it.

Think About This: “Accept whatever is going on completely, without any judgment. It is neither right, nor wrong, good nor bad. It just is. Accept whatever is going on to the best of your ability, whether you have just won the lottery, lost your job or are in a noisy disagreement with your boss. This does not mean you don’t feel the feelings, pleasurable or painful, but acceptance is key here.” ~ Ruth Fishel

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