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January 8, 2010

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You all know that KIRO in Seattle has an opening for a CSD. Well, seems the former CSD there, CARLOS ESPINOZA, has switched from TV to film. It’s a very exciting move. About two years ago, the crew was in town to shoot Battle for Seattle, staring CHARLIZE THERON and WOODY HARRELSON.   The producers  needed some footage, called Carlos and that, as they say, is the beginning of a new career opportunity for Carlos. This tale supports several truths: 1 – Networking can change your life. 2 – All the talents and skills involved in doing TV promo are exactly the kind of talents and skills filmmakers need, so more cross hiring should happen, and 3 – If your station phone system sucks, opportunity won’t reach you.  Enjoy working with Mary Aloe’s folks, Carlos. And Well Dunne!

Well Dunne’s MITCH PHILLIPS  got a great write-up just recently. Cool. For those of you who want to enjoy some interesting, entertaining and fun talk…the way only good radio can…tune into Mitch’s morning show. Eastern time 9-10a. Click here and, btw, I might be on Monday. Yep, I just might… 

Any thoughts on the Leno/Conan moves? THE WRAP seems particularly honest in its assessment. Just sayin’.

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  • Always some great quotes on Kate’s Blog.
    Tell you what, call my afternoon show and I’ll put you on too!

    Big Steve Kelly
    MISS 103
    Jackson, MS

  • It was doomed not because of the timeslot, but because of the dated tired format and style. Once again, the promos for the launch were a lot better than the actual product. Now that VIvi Z has such a big title at NBC, I wonder if programming every asks her opinion on shows? She sure knows promos! and everyone at NBC Agency should be happy to know that once again, they did a great job hyping a show, and the show producers dropped the ball.