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January 21, 2010

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Lots of changes happening in Austin, TX. At the helm of the Creative Services Department at NBC affil KXAN is DEIDRE CONLEY, who comes from the Columbus, OH CW station, WWHO. It’s a family thing…both stations are owned by LIN. Deidre is an Midwest girl, with a degree from Butler and time spent at WISH in Indianapolis as Promotion Manager. Austin is going to be way more humid, hip and Texas-y and I bet Deidre will love it, right down to the Hook ‘em Horns thing and the orange tower.

Slipping into her former slot at WWHO is STEPHANIE SLAGLE, who has worn several interesting hats station-side in the Columbus market.  She was at WWHO as New Media Sales Director and as an Account Exec as well as was Local Sales Manager and also Research Director at Sinclair’s FOX/ABC combo.

Well Dunne! to you both.

Meanwhile, back in Austin, Friday will be the last day TISH SALIANI is Promotion Manager at KXAN. Tish has been there 12 years, but is going to take the Mom Career Route. Her family is adopting a 7 year old boy, which will bring the number of 7 year olds to 2 in the family. Two 7 year old boys sounds like a lot of fun! Tish, stay in touch and enjoy every minute with those little guys.

How did THAT happen?? Yesterday was National Penguin Appreciation Day. Yeah, I missed it too, despite the fact penguins are pretty much on the top 10 list of loveable animals.  Perhaps they need a better PR person.

Think About This: "My will for you is not harsh or unpleasant. It is gentle and perfectly tailored to your unique needs. Do not fear my direction. I am your heart’s happiest guide." ~  Julia Cameron


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