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February 5, 2010

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Why is there an opening for a CSD in Portland Maine at the Hearst ABC affiliate? Sadly, MARK BRADLEY is leaving. Sadly because he’s one of the good guys, and also because he didn’t plan on leaving. But when life/fate/the universe puts a perfect opportunity right in front of you, ya gotta go for it. Mark is going to head back to Charleston, SC and take a teaching slot there at a local institution of higher learning. His last day is the 12th and he starts the new job the 15th. Will that be enough time to sew patches on the elbows of his cardigan? He seems VERY happy and in today’s job market, that makes him top of the heap.  In turn, we are happy for you, Mark. Well Dunne!

And yes, that means the CSD slot is open there. As a matter of fact, so is a writer producer slot.

CHAD MALLAM is hard at work untangling the in’s and out’s of the ABC series LOST. His Untangling Lost is an internet series and it’s now starring a Muppet character you gotta love. Tune in to hear Chad talk about promoting with puppets on MITCH PHILLIPS radio show Friday  9 –10 in the AM Eastern. Well Dunne! Chad.

Planning on entering the PROMAX Awards competition? Good news – if you get the entry in before Feb 16, you save $50 per entry. Not too shabby.

Comcast is rebranding itself. What do you think of the choice they made: Xfinity.

Super Bowl spots. Year after year, I hope to see concepts and executions that make one fall in love with advertising. Will this year’s crop have such standouts? Don’t forget Well Dunne! is living blogging via Twitter during the game and then will have promo pro’s choices for the spots that stood out as our Monday Quarterback edition.

Think About This: "Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper." ~ Albert Einstein

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