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Post Super Bowl

Feb 7, 2010 by     Comments Off on Post Super Bowl    Posted under: Uncategorized


Google wins the Best Super Bowl spot. That’s just my opinion, but I’m bringing a lot of experience to that decision. It did it all…told a story of love in Paris while focusing on the brand, what it does and how you can use it too. Low key sell. BRAVO. This from the company that hates the very medium they have used – excellently. Ironic.

Second imho are the screaming chickens for Denny’s. I hear they worked for scratch.

Liked the monkey on the KIA spot getting a tattoo…you can NEVER go wrong with monkeys. And liked the Bridgestone Return Shamu spot. Of course, it was fun to see Dave, Oprah and Jay all togehter for that promo.

Check in tomorrow for the updates from promo pros coast to coast. They’re out partying now, but they’ll be checking in Monday.

Thanks for you time!

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