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March 30, 2010

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Let’s start the day off with great news. This time, the happy person reporting a new chapter in his life is DAVID MAYS. David has been CSD at the Pentagon Channel in the DC area, been at WJLA in DC as well as WFTS in Tampa. And now he has news to share. I turn it over to his words:  “After playing the role of house husband for my wonderful wife Janice in Tampa, Florida, where she enjoyed a year of visiting psychology professorship at a local university (yes, I married up, big time!), we are heading back to Northern California, where I have accepted a communications position supporting the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, the largest non-profit health care organization in the United States with nearly nine million members. It is no less than a dream come true for me as I get to deploy more than 20 years of commercial television news and promotions experience gained at NBC and ABC affiliates in Seattle, Tampa and Washington, DC (not to mention international credentials with the Department of Defense’s amazing Pentagon Channel) for a cause that is deeply important to me: marketing meaningful, integrated, universal health care reform. I invite you and any of my promo buddies to stay in touch with me via email: mayswriter@yahoo.com – my Web site: www.mayswriter.com – and/or my cell: 813.362.7699 – anytime.”  Well Dunne! David. We will, indeed, keep in touch!

Think About This: "We must offer ourselves to God like a clean, smooth canvas and not worry ourselves about what God may choose to paint on it, but at each moment, feel only the stroke of His brush." ~ Jean Pierre de Caussade

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