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April 21, 2010

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North Florida is gorgeous. Ponte Vedra Beach is one of my favorite spots and the years I spend there, ocean side, were the best. Always love to hear news from the First Coast, so it was a treat when TJ KING rang.  He’s taken the job of Marketing Brand Manager at the Newport-owned WAWS/WTECV, FOX and CBS in Jacksonville. His focus is, and this is a quote, “keeping Fox foxy”. Translated, that means he gets to do a lot of fun stuff. He’s a Jacksonville native with a degree in Broadcast Communications from the University of North Florida. And, as fate may have it, he interned at the very station he’s at now. That was a few years ago. He’s been in Atlanta, first as a writer/producer then Sr. Writer/Producer at FOX’s WAGA under KATHY SOIFER. And he was happy – loved Atlanta. But when this new slot was created, CSD BUFFY WALSH made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. How much does TJ love TV? At one point, he even sold them at Circuit City. Very cool, TJ. And Well Dunne!

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Think About This: "Watch the people around you express love. Learn from praying, from knowing God. Don’t be distracted by rap music, Hollywood, soap operas, or other earthly offerings that are merely entertainment, not spiritual sustenance. Remember: love exists in our lives at all times, even if we feel especially alone because we do not have a significant other. Love is all around us and inside of us." ~ Patrice Gaines

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