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May 4, 2010

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KEVIN CHORLINS has joined the VP club.  He’s now Vice President of Consumer Marketing for DIY Networks, part of the super Scripps nets. Kevin is a Mizzou Tiger who earned his MBA from Univ of Tennessee at Knoxville. Kevin’s background includes work as an Account Director at Johnson & Murphy Advertising in LA, an AE at Deadline Advertising and at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Well Dunne! Kevin.

BUFFY WALSH is trading in the crazy world of TV for the crazy world of being a fulltime mom. She’s no longer Creative Services Director at WAWS/WTEV in Jacksonville. She’s now answering to little Macy, who will keep her on her toes. Mamma Walsh thinks she’ll go back to work in a year or so. Well Dunne! but we’ll miss you.

Lots of activity at the upcoming Cable Show. Tell me if you’ll be there.  And don’t forget to let me know when something happens to your life and career. It’s what we do here.

Think About This: "Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


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